21 Secrets to Nailing Your Next Job Interview

You’ve got a job interview coming up, but how can you NAIL it? Do you know the true secrets for preparation, what to do during and following up the interview?

Here are the 21 secrets you need (courtesy of our friends at College Atlas) – shhhh….


  • Make sure you research the company – website, Facebook page etc… – as this gives you a chance to talk about the company and let them know that you have prepared!
  • Read up on the company’s history – surprise the interviewer with a fact or two that they might not expect you to know!
  • Dress to impress and arrive 15 minutes early so you can quickly check your appearance in a mirror to ensure you look super smart!
  • Don’t fold your arms during the interview, you won’t seem very open, and make sure you always have eye contact with the interviewer.
  • When you leave, ask for a business card and send everyone a thank you note to remind them of who you are.

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