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Who are the Most Productive: Generation X, Y or Z?

Each generation is defined by its unique educational background, skills and attitude. Whether it be the hardworking nature of Generation X, the tech-obsessed Generation Z or the independent nature of Generation Y – each hold specific skills that could benefit recruiters. To really understand clients, recruiters must adapt to fit each individual; understanding which generation they fall into is one way to do this.

Next Generation have created this handy infographic to visualise the comparison between Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z. Which Generation is the most successful? Which generation is home to the most entrepreneurs? Find out here.


  • 70% of businesses and recruiters believe that Generation X are the best workers overall.
  • Generation Z are skilled when it comes to technology savants, online work and innovation. This reflects advancements in technology that have occurred since Generation X and Y.
  • Generation Y are the most passionate employees, according to 68% of recruiters.
  • “Balance work and family time” is Generation X’s official working motto.

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