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What Social Network Do You Use For Your Job Search?

In this week’s #UROpinion, we asked you:  What social network do you use for your job search?

Most of the comments all focused on LinkedIn! People generally use Linkedin as a hub for connecting with relevant industry contacts and viewing vacancies posted to the network. However, alternative platforms, such as job boards and other popular social networks may also possess great ways of finding vacancies you may of missed otherwise.

You can read every response we received below. Be sure to join us on LinkedIn next Monday when you can comment on our latest #UROpinion discussion!

What’s your preferred network of choice for your job search? And what network is most effective for finding relevant vacancies? Let us know in the comments!


On LinkedIn:

Here’s the conversation from our LinkedIn group. I began the discussion by revealing my own job search process:

Robbie Palmer Account Executive & Duke of Buffalo Wings @LinkHumans – Social Media Agency

Twitter is a fantastic tool for becoming aware of job vacancies via tweets from your industry contacts. LinkedIn is also great for networking directly with various relevant professionals. I use both networks in conjunction with job-focused search engines such as Indeed.

Dave Palmer, MBA, SPHR Business Driven Human Resources Leader

I use both LinkedIn and Twitter Social Media tools for recruiting.

Don Cross mentions how the classified advertisements websites like Craigslist are surprisingly effective for job listings. Sites such as Gumtree and Craigslist are popular for job seekers looking for retail, freelance and media-related positions.

Don Cross Senior Employment Specialist at Best Temps

I place a job offer on Craigslist and my phone starts ringing within 5 minutes.

Cass Murray Corporate Sales Recruiter Professional Brands/ Harrow Sports

I like LinkedIn for getting the word out to my network. I can keep track of so much more than any other site. More features are offered here. I can even remind myself to touch base with my rock star sales people!

Joya Mullen says that while LinkedIn is consistently good for jobs, Twitter’s usefulness is dependant on your chosen industry:

Joya Mullen Human Resources/Recruiting Professional

LinkedIn is the go to social network for jobs. Using Twitter effectively for a job search often depends of the industry. But for me learning more about the career background as well as learning the faces of whose hiring helps in calming nerves and nailing interviews.

Carly Alford Sourcer at Axel Erickson Development

LinkedIn makes it so easy to find and connect with potential candidates. Other job boards are great but LinkedIn is one my go to social network sites!

Amanda J. Breitmaier says she’s also using the popular combination of Twitter, LinkedIn and Indeed. Amanda also says she’s attempted to use Facebook, but with little success. With Facebook at Work slowly being rolled out, can we expect people to take vacancies on Facebook more seriously?

Amanda J. Breitmaier Experienced Program/Project Manager in the Educational Assessment Industry

I also use Twitter, LinkedIn, and Indeed. Some of my contacts also use Facebook, but I haven’t had any luck with it.

Kristi Moore talks about her ongoing job search process. Kristi says she makes sure her profile is on the major job boards and Indeed. She also mentions Craigslist as a great source for opportunities, as many companies avoid having to pay job board fees:

Kristi Moore Account Representative, Care Coordinator, Sales, Staffing, Office & Healthcare

Right now I’m looking for a new position and I like casting a large net by making sure my profile is on the major job boards and Indeed (they pick up resumes from other job boards like Bright and Ziprecruiter). I always include my LinkedIn profile link even when I send a resume. I also have a lot of luck on Craigslist because you find opportunities from companies that don’t want to pay to be on the major player job boards.

I applied the same philosophy when I recruited- Large net. When I worked with ACAM I did a lot of posting on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is my least favorite because I have to keep writing what I want to say over and over to make it fit into the allotted character count and I’m forced to use text lingo (I hate text lingo).

Even though I hate that about Twitter it really is more successful than Facebook so Twitter and I have a love/hate relationship.

Over on our LinkedIn page, people also responded with various answers:

Nader Mowlaee Managing Director | Headhunter | certainly not FB – LinkedIn all the way..10 days ago

Mac Smith mentions ‘niche job boards’ for potentially discovering the best results. Techcrunch, for example, offers a job board specifically for internet and tech jobs called Crunchboard:

Mac Smith
Digital Marketing Manager at 501
Niche job boards may yield the best results; and Indeed if you really need an aggregate sight. 10 days ago

P Tyson Filmanski Security Management | Corporate Security | Background Investigations | LinkedIn and Twitter. Recently took a workshop on how to search for jobs on Twitter. It was very informative.10 days ago

João Paulo Cruz
Managing Partner at Kalculrecord, Lda. 
LinkedIn10 days ago

Jörgen Sundberg Director & Lord of the Dance @LinkHumans – social media agency Twitter is good if you work in media, recruiting, tech etc, Facebook can be good for some roles but LinkedIn is typically your best bet for most jobs

On Google Plus:

Sarah Manley Works at UnitedHealth Group
I think starting out with #linkedin makes sense for anyone who is focusing on their #career – from researching organizations to connecting with a network.

What Social Network Do You Use For Your Job Search? Let us know in the comments, or reply in our discussion on LinkedIn!

To conclude, LinkedIn is undeniably a great starting point for all professionals looking to focus their career. LinkedIn is great for showing employers you’re a respected professional with a strong industry presence. However, combining your LinkedIn activity with using networks like Twitter and sites like Indeed appears to be the best process of networking and discovering the best vacancies. Surprisingly, not one person mentioned even trying Google Plus whilst job hunting.