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Why the Modern Recruiter is Part Artist, Part Scientist

What makes up the best modern recruiters?

Turns out they are a combination of artists and scientists, according to this visual by our friends at LinkedIn.


  • Modern recruiters have an innate instinct for mutual connection, let’s call them matchmakers.
  • Recruiters think about jobs the way marketers think about products.
  • They know how to build a sales pipeline, nurture leads, and close deals.
  • Recruiters are trusted advisors to their business, informing leadership of what’s going on with talent.
  • They live and die by the mantra, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”.
  • Modern recruiters don’t fly blind, they do plenty of research to figure out the best approach.
  • They love recruiting innovation and HR technology.
  • Finally, recruiters can read candidates and know how to positively influence a hiring process.

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