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Top 10 Most Misunderstood Jobs in the UK

The workplace has changed a lot in one generation, and new research released by LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network, reveals 1 in 3 parents don’t have a clue what their children do for a living.

The research reveals a user interface designer, data scientist and social media manager are the professions parents are least likely to understand, with over two-thirds of parents admitting they weren’t confident providing a correct definition of these roles.

The top misunderstood jobs list has been revealed by LinkedIn to mark their third annual Bring in Your Parents Day, taking place today, and will see professionals across the UK invite their parents into the workplace to give them an inside view of their working life. The day aims to bridge the gap between professionals and parents as more than half of UK parents surveyed (52%) admit to not being very familiar with what their own child does for a living.

Other professions that made the top ten misunderstood jobs included actuary (68%), sub-editor (66%), sociologist (62%) and radio producer (58%). Over 2,000 parents across the UK were surveyed on how confident they were providing definitions for a range of careers spanning investment bankers to fashion designers.

It also revealed that traditional careers are best for avoiding confusion, with teacher (20%), fire-fighter (28%) and architect (28%) getting the lowest percentages for UK parents not knowing what the job entailed.

To help improve parents’ knowledge of what their child does and give a better insight into their world, companies around the world including Doro, Samsung, Mars and Philips have opened their doors for this year’s LinkedIn Bring in Your Parents Day.

LinkedIn’s Darain Faraz, commented:

“Parents can be a valuable part of their child’s career, and an important source of advice and guidance. Our research shows that almost half of parents have an opinion on their child’s work situation but often hold back because they don’t fully understand what they do for a living.

Bring in Your Parents Day was born with one goal in mind – to bring employees and their parents together, arming parents with the knowledge they need to open up those potentially important conversations around the world of work.”

The top ten misunderstood jobs (measured by the percentage of UK parents who weren’t confident about correctly describing them) are:

  1. UI Designer (86%)
  2. Data scientist (76%)
  3. Social media manager (71%)
  4. Actuary (68%)
  5. Sub editor (66%)
  6. Sociologist (62%)
  7. Radio producer (58%)
  8. PR manager (57%)
  9. Investment banker (55%)
  10. Fashion designer (51%)

By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.