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How Effective Are Meetings Really?

Do meetings seem like a waste of time to you?

There’s nothing worse than having your already jam packed day interrupted by a meeting that you deem unnecessary and at the end of the day is much really achieved in them? Research suggests that staff become quickly bored in meetings, meaning that they lose focus and don’t listen to what is being discussed.

So how effective are meetings really and what can be done to make them more engaging? Lane End Conference Centre have put together a few statistics about the efficiency of meetings and how you can get more out of them.

How much do meetings cost?

  • Meetings cost UK companies £15,979 per head, each a year.
  • They cost the most for Fortune 500-2000 companies, setting them back £354.34 per meeting.

What different types of meeting are there?

  • Decision making: Come to a final conclusion on a business matter.
  • Information sharing: New information, facts and figures are shared with the attendees.
  • Brainstorming: Generate new ideas and discuss thoughts and opinions.
  • Updates: New updates and strategies are passed on to attendees.
  • Sales: Sales strategies and outcomes are discussed.

The facts

  • Most meetings (26%) last between 30-60 minutes.
  • 37% of employee time is spent in meetings.
  • 47% of workers consider too many meetings the biggest waste of time.
  • 39% of meeting attendees admit to nodding off during the meeting.

Are meetings effective?

  • Those in a management role (74% senior managers) feel that meetings are essential and can be effective.
  • However, meeting attendees consider them a waste of time and are unfocused.

How can meetings be improved?

  • Make your meetings shorter.
  • Include engaging and vibrant visuals.
  • Use brainstorming techniques.

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By Sophie Deering