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Millennials vs. Gen Z: How Can They Achieve Success At Work?

You’ve probably heard of Generation Zs, Edgers, Plurals, iGen, Gen 2020, Centennials, and Post-Millennials, as well as the Millennials or Generation Y. But the newest generation is known as the post-millennials who were born after 1997, whereas the millennials were born from 1980 to 1997.

Today, these two generations make up most of the global workforce, and by 2025, they will fill in three-quarters of employees. When this happens, HR teams, recruitment firms, and hiring managers must be prepared by knowing more about millennials and Gen Zs. They should know how to work with them and how to provide a comfortable environment suitable for these two generations.

When you’ve looked through this infographic, you will have a better understanding of these generations such as the skills and traits they have to offer your company. Each one has something special about them that makes them more exciting and unique to others.

You can also communicate with them better, especially since they’ll be the youngest employees everyone will be working with. Knowing what motivates them is a big factor for all your workers as well since these need to be satisfied for them to move forward and be more productive at work.


Millennials and Generation Zs have different work preferences such that one prefers working in a group, while the other prefers to work independently. You also have to take into consideration that millennials are digital pioneers whereas Generation Zs are natives.

Both Millennials and Gen Z thrive in conditions and environments that offer flexibility in the way they work. Remote work and flexible hours are very appealing for the Millennial workforce, while a commanding 69% of Gen Z see personal workspaces as more conducive than if they were to share their space with their co-employees.

Nevertheless, both can benefit businesses, so you should learn how to work with their level of expertise. These two generations also have a different mindset and attitude to work such that Generation Y is more optimistic, while post-millennials are multi-taskers and have an entrepreneurial mindset.


Millennials are seen to be dedicated employees who expect their employers to reward them with continuous opportunities for growth. Whether it’s a promotion or lateral movement within the organization, they are hoping that companies will support them in the long-term

As for Gen Z, it seems that work becomes more and more attractive when the paycheck is great. This is because their parents went through a very heavy economic recession, and they would not want to be subjected to the same financial woes that befell their parents during their time. So, if they have to choose between making a difference in society or having a secure life outside of work, Gen Z will in most cases choose the latter.

Getting to know these generations can be exciting because of what they can offer—from a variety of talent, traits, and skills—all of which are great for helping your business grow.


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