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Meet Pieterjan Kempynck of Talentsquare

Have you met Pieterjan Kempynck?

Pieterjan is one of the founders of Talentsquare, a free, user-friendly Applicant Tracking System with over 10-15 years of HR experience. In the second of our #MeetMonday series, he shares some of his top tips and stories.

We asked Pieterjan about resumes, tips, howlers and much more:

  • What was the best resume Pieterjan has ever seen?
  • Why is recruitment like flirting?
  • Is a job for life?
  • What’s Pieterjan’s favourite social media platform?

Find out the answers to all these (and more) in the video below! You can connect with Pieterjan on LinkedIn or visit

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By Laurence Hebberd