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Why Manchester is the Creative Hub of Britain

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Manchester’? It may be rain, Oasis or the fact Mancunians called bread rolls ‘barms’, but that’s all about to change as a new study, driven by LinkedIn and the GMCA sheds some light onto what makes the Rainy City the new creative hub of Britain.

Insights into the economy of Manchester:

  • There are 614K LinkedIn members from Greater Manchester.
  • 50K companies from Greater Manchester have a registered LinkedIn Company Page.
  • There are 10K open job opportunities in Manchester currently.
  • LinkedIn members from greater Manchester have 33K different types of skills.
  • There are 4K higher education organisations on LinkedIn from Greater Manchester.
  • There have been 2.6M conversations from people who live in Greater Manchester on LinkedIn.

Top 5 skills that can get you hired in Manchester:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Soft skills, such as ‘problem solving’
  3. Software QA and user testing
  4. Foreign language translation
  5. Microsoft office

It looks like more and more people are being drawn to Manchester for its creative links and job opportunities. As well as being home to Media City in Salford Quays, there are other large organisations that are based in Greater Manchester, that are attracting the most creative talent from around the country. The co-operative, RBS and Vodafone are just three of the top corporate organisations that have made a home in Manchester – and the top talent are following suite. Over 24K LinkedIn members have made the move to Manchester, with most coming from London, Liverpool or Preston.

To check out more interesting info about Manchester as a creative hub, check out the infographic below from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn and GMCA Greater Creators Report from LinkedIn Europe

By Ruby Lowe

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