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5 Ways to Build a Kickass LinkedIn Company Page

A LinkedIn company page should be treated in the same way as a Facebook and Twitter page. With over 500 million members worldwide, and 20 million alone in the United Kingdom, the site is extremely popular and could attract a lot more business (and possible employees) than you first expect. Here are 5 crucial tips to  follow to ensure your LinkedIn company page is in with the best.

1 – Branding/banner

Customers like to have logos and branding that they can recognise, therefore ensure the banner on your page is high quality, links in with your branding and colour scheme elsewhere but, importantly, is different to your Facebook cover photo or Twitter banner image. It is also necessary to ensure the right logos are uploaded onto your page (there are two logo options for LinkedIn pages – the logo for the top of the page, and the square logo for the network updates on each follower’s home feed).

If incorrect logos are uploaded, or they are not high quality enough it will ruin the effect of the page and put off possible customers or employees – make sure everything is correct, branded the same and high quality. Additionally, ensure that all links to your company website are correct and working – otherwise user may get lost in the internet and be put off your company.

2 – Wording/search ability

As a company, you will want your LinkedIn page to be one of the first results when future customers search certain terms or words. Don’t overuse buzzwords, and don’t use standard search terms that every company will use. Keep it simple – if you are a recruiter in London, concentrating on media – state that, and it will help your search ranking. In addition, keep it simple, no user wants to read three long paragraphs on the history of your company!

3 – YouTube video

Customers arriving at your page may not have too much time to spend reading long paragraphs of text – so include a quick video. Who doesn’t love a video? Build a quick YouTube clip that will summarise your company in 30 seconds and ensure you tailor it for your LinkedIn page, not just a general advert that a customer may have seen elsewhere. LinkedIn should be taken as a whole different outlet, with new content and branding, and a YouTube clip to fit. Keep the video short, sweet and interesting – it may make someone click that very important ‘Follow’ button!

4 – Details and information

LinkedIn give the options for users to fill in information that is found elsewhere – such as web address and office address, but also companies can fill in company type, size, industry and status. Make sure this information is correct, up-to-date and filled in. Customers like to see facts about the company, as it makes them feel that you are actually a group of humans, instead of just a standard page.

5 – Keep it updated

The final and most important point to a great LinkedIn company page is to keep it updated. Too often I stumble across a LinkedIn company pages with very little information, and no updates – and it’s not a good look. Be social, get your employees involved and commenting and keep the updates flowing – and then the customers and prospective employees will flow in.


There you have it – 5 simple steps to building a kick-ass LinkedIn company page – the branding, the wording and search level, a good video, detailed information and regular updates. Have you seen any really good company pages – or even bad ones? Share them in the comments below!

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