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How to Stay Focused at Work

Do you sit down at your desk, look out the window and forget what you were originally doing? If so, then you need help with trying to stay focused when you are at work.

When in the office 9-5, it can be difficult to keep your concentration and focus on your tasks. However, everyone at work wants to be able to have a productive day and to be able to motivate themselves and others to be the best they can be. In order to have a successful and fulfilling day at work, you need to make some changes in your daily routine, even if they are only small ones.

If this sounds like you and you want to make a change, this infographic by Anna Vital at Funders and Founders will provide some useful tips and changes you can make to improve your focus:


  • Get a good chair so you are comfortable.
  • Clear your desk so you can see everything clearly.
  • Keep food and your desk, glucose helps your brain focus!
  • Make a list, but make it short so it is easy to follow.
  • Frame a picture of your goal and look at it every morning before work.

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By Sophie Deering