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The Most Socially Engaged Recruitment Agency on LinkedIn

With the announcement of LinkedIn’s Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies, we speak to the winner, PageGroup, to find out how they utilized LinkedIn to become the most socially engaged company on the platform through superior content performance and social engagement.

Eamon Collins, the Group Marketing Director at PageGroup gives us the low down on how the company has had so much success on LinkedIn, and how the platform has allowed them to reach higher levels of social success than any other company in the world.

Why LinkedIn

As a global strategic partner of LinkedIn, we look to use the platform in each area of our business. First and foremost all of our people are trained on the best use of LinkedIn, as well as being shown how to optimise their profiles as part of candidate attraction. With over 1.2 million followers we also promote our latest job roles and see it as a key channel to distribute what we call ‘seriously useful’ content to our customers to better inform them in their careers. All of this activity combined helps us in building our brand.

A strategy of unification

Our approach is one of unification – when it comes to output, we consider amplification across all of our channels. Our social media teams also continuously scrutinize real-time & historical performance data of owned and curated content to understand how each piece delivers against the needs of our evolving audience. We understand it is vital that we cut through with focused posts which are hyper-relevant, engaging, visually enticing and most importantly, valuable to our customers – be they, candidates or clients. Subsequently, all of our content is targeted to audience groups to ensure it is relevant and we constantly test different outputs such as video around events both in the general and recruitment calendar.

Multi-channel campaigns

We regularly launch multi-channel content campaigns aimed at clients, candidates or both – and social plays a big role in our amplification strategy. With these campaigns, we go beyond standard job interview tips and CV advice to offer content that has real value, whether that’s tools which help candidates get ahead in their job search and develop their career or industry insights and future trends which will inform and inspire our clients.

Recent campaigns have focused on the complexities around flexible working and the evolution of employee benefits packages, along with insights from our customers around their confidence in the jobs market. Social allows us to target audiences with the content which will be most relevant and useful to them, along with helping us stay part of the conversation around careers and recruitment.

Utilizing employees

We recognize that our people are critical to our success on LinkedIn and we use an amplification tool to make content sharing quick and easy. Our global programme has 1,000 employees on board, and this year has generated over more than 70 million social impressions, 220,500 post clicks, and 57,000 social reactions.

Through the use of the tool, our people have helped in building brand awareness and trust and at the same time building their own personal brand.  The more engaged our people, the higher presence we have on LinkedIn. The fact that people are twice as likely to click on a link that has been recommended by a person, rather than a brand, cements the need for us to make social sharing as easy as possible.

Staying on top of content

Content is the oil flowing through all of our different platforms be that website, CRM programme or social media. We want to be at the forefront of providing candidates with relevant information on career development and to do this we use a selection of market-leading tools to analyze and optimise existing content and to identify new growth opportunities. We devise our content strategy with this in mind and when it comes to outputs, we always first consider multi-channel activation and amplification.

We also understand that producing content isn’t just about telling people what we want them to hear. We continuously monitor real-time and historical performance data of owned and curated content to understand the value against the needs of our evolving audience across existing and new digital platforms.

Social recruiting at PageGroup

Employee amplification enables us to comment on breaking news & industry trends at speed. Being at the forefront of live conversations cements PageGroup as an informed and authoritative voice, which in-turn generates trust & credibility among clients and candidates. Also, as LinkedIn profiles are an evolution of the standard CV, our consultants can look beyond experience (at social posts) to truly understand candidate’s interests and personalities.

This is the first of a feature series we are running with some of LinkedIn’s Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies, in order to provide deeper insight into how we as recruiting professionals can leverage LinkedIn to improve our online engagement, and truly utilize the potential and benefits of the platform.

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