Google, Facebook and Twitter are all well known for having super cool offices.

Recently, LinkedIn have joined them with an office renovation that regular business owners could only dream of – and it definitely lives up to the hype. I recently had the pleasure of visiting their offices and I couldn’t believe the incredible amount of thought that had been put into every single room. Could this be the coolest office ever? I’ve decided to look at 3 reasons why LinkedIn is an awesome place to work, and why everyone that works there is healthy, happy and motivated. So as well as a crazy-cool office, what else have LinkedIn got that makes them a cut above the rest?

1) Culture:

LinkedIn’s company culture is something that differentiates them as an employer. They focus on 5 main pillars – Transformation, Integrity, Collaboration, Humor, Results. They’ve put together the basis of their culture in a slidedeck (see below). One of my favourite things about the LinkedIn culture is the concept of ‘transformation’. They outline that they mean this both professionally and personally – which shows they actually care for their employees health and wellbeing in general. I also love it when brands share their culture through slides.

2) Working space:

The LinkedIn London office is probably the coolest office I’ve ever visited. Each floor follows a specific theme (such as TV, music or sport) and then each meeting room within these floors has a main design theme too – for instance on the music themed floor, there was a Ziggy Stardust inspired room with a lightning stripe and a glittery floor. On the sport themed level there was a Wimbledon themed room (which was my favourite!) where there was astroturf covered walls, nets and even an umpire chair, which obviously I had to try out (see below):

3) Benefits:

One thing I noticed about the LinkedIn offices was the incredible amount of food that was available EVERYWHERE! I decided to have a little look on Glassdoor.com to see what other benefits employees get if they join LinkedIn, and the list is pretty substantial. They have on site gyms, healthcare benefits and pretty generous holidays, among other things. LinkedIn have a Glassdoor rating of 4.4 and 88% of the workforce would recommend it to a friend. Now that’s some good employee feedback!

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