How to Keep Up with Changing Resume Trends

The old regular resume is a thing of the past. As we move forward into the future, we notice new trends in how resumes are put together and presented. This is because competition for jobs increases and it becomes harder to make yourself stand out in a large crowd of people.

This infographic by DAVITT provides us with some insight into up and coming trends, gives us with some expert advise and shows us how to make our resumes stand out:

The facts:

  1. The average time an employer will spend looking at a resume is 5-7 seconds.
  2. 89% of employers revealed they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them.
  3. 52% of employers value a video resume due to the ability to assess a candidates personal presentation and demeanour.

The top 5 upcoming trends:

  1. The social media resume: 93% of employers reported using social media for recruiting. Over 50% of LinkedIn user profiles are 100% complete.
  2. Video resumes rule the roost: A minute of video is the value of 1.8 million., and are tools you can use to create a video resume.
  3. Shorter and tighter: Bite-size written communication is becoming more mainstream. Keep your resume focused and relevant.
  4. Charts and graphs or the infographic resume: Make information easy to digest. Charts and graph make the information in your resume easier to understand.
  5. The multinational resume: People are seeking work in other countries and in multinational firms. A multinational resume has strong positioning, branding achievements and key word infusion.

What the experts say:

  • Be creative and keep it relevant.
  • Show results in numbers.
  • Use quotations.
  • Ensure your video resume has the potential to go viral.

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By Casey Fleischmann