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What are the Top Jobs of the Future? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What will the future hold for you? You can’t predict everything, but thanks to Ayer predicting your future career is made easier!

Using data from such sources as Business Insider studies and global employment trends, this infographic predicts an even stronger emphasis on connectivity and a heavy reliance on technology and social media platforms. Better get those Ello usernames registered now just in case! 


  • The jobs predicted to pay the best and how much they’re going to grow: no.1: Registered nurses, 2. General and operation managers, and 3. software and application developers.
  • Smart machines will become more intrinsic to the workplace as they co-exist alongside employees.
  • Data interaction will increase and everything will be programmable.
  • Social intelligence, adaptive thinking and new-media literacy will make employees and candidates increasingly more valuable.

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By Robbie Palmer