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5 Ways to Make Your Job Post Stand Out From the Crowd

Recruiters and employers are constantly trying out some new way of creating job postings. We will do whatever we can to get noticed. If you’re trying to attract talented people, then it’s vital you find a way to get your job post to stand out from the crowd.

According to the BBC, a UK worker will change employer every five years, meaning there’s always a wealth of talent on the lookout for a new job. But how do you make sure you get their attention when you’re looking to fill a vacancy? Follow these five tips to make your job posts stand out from the crowd.

1. Talk about your future

When writing your job post, include your future plans for the position in the description. You’ll find yourself attracting more qualified applicants if you show that you’re investing in additional resources and have specific targets to hit. Job seekers want to know that they’ll be valued in their next position, so show them your vacancy is the chance for long-term career development and success.

2. Include the finer details

Your advert should be as clear as possible when describing the position’s regular tasks and responsibilities, but don’t forget to be just as detailed about other factors. When listing where your company is, include information about public transport links and the amenities of the surrounding area. If you’re pitching yourself as an ‘award-winning company’, state what awards these are and always let people know as much as possible about employee benefits.

3. Use creative job titles

There may be 20 vacancies for ‘Marketing Strategist’, so why not hire a ‘Marketing Guru’? Creative job titles are a fantastic way for you to promote your business culture and show you’re invested in people, rather than simply trying to plug a hole in your workforce. However, you must be careful to not make the position sound too trivial. Adler advises that ‘guru’, ‘geek’ and ‘ninja’ are appealing titles to use, though ‘maestro’, ‘dynamo’ and ‘overlord’ will likely turn candidates away.

4. Stretch your media muscles

The information provided in job adverts can seem formulaic, so why conform to the same old text-based posts hundreds of other companies use? If you’re hiring for a designing or illustrating role, create an infographic so candidates can read about the position whilst getting a sense of your company’s creativity; record a podcast that interviews staff members, allowing the candidate to hear first-hand what to expect; or go all-out with a video to visually share your company’s personality with prospects.

5. Share it on social media

You shouldn’t just keep your vacancy on traditional job sites – make sure you’re also promoting yourself through your available social media profiles. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms as it is the most career-driven and you can allow candidates to submit their CVs linked to their profiles. If budget allows, you can also attract applicants through promoted posts on Facebook and Twitter. The more you amplify your position online, the sooner you can make the right hire!

When you invest more time and resources in your job posts, they’re likely to stand out from the crowd of your competitors. Remember that you can create assets such as infographics and videos to be used across all your adverts, no matter what vacancy you’re filling. The sooner you put across a strong image of your company, the sooner you’ll receive quality applications and you can turn your attention to hiring the perfect person for your company.

About the author: James Story is a Senior Content Specialist at Search Laboratory and has written articles on everything from e-commerce to marketing, technology, leisure, lifestyle and travel.

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