There are 7 deadly sins when it comes to interviewing, none of which you will commit after having viewed this video from our friends at Slate.

Let’s run through them quickly:

  1. Inappropriate dress; regardless of your gender, a business suit is the way to go. Stay away from distracting make up or fragrances, including perfume and cigarettes. See more at How to Dress for Your Job Interview [Top 12 Guidelines].
  2. Rudeness; the interview the second you enter the building. Don’t be rude to anyone, instead show respect to everyone you meet.
  3. Bad mouthing a former employer, never a good idea is it? This subconsciously tells your future employer you might bad-mouth him or her.
  4. Using outdated references; always notify your references that they ARE your references even if it’s for the 11th time. Don’t let employers catch them at a bad moment. Reference
  5. Not researching the company, or preparing questions. Do you want to work there? Do your homework then. This shows you’re genuinely interested in the job. More ideas at How to Prepare For a Job Interview.
  6. Not following up; send a thank you note or an email within 24 hours.
  7. Rambling and avoiding eye contact; instead try to be confident, make eye contact, keep your answers short and sweet.

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