Where To Find UK Tech and Start Up Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

London Tech City is booming again as the job fair for graduate technology Ninjas, Gurus and even the occasional Jedi is back this weekend with the latest Silicon Milkroundabout. The event will see 100s of the UK’s top start-ups offering more than 800 jobs to the UK’s brightest and best Tech and Engineering graduates. Big names like Twitter, Songkick, Moo, Wonga, Mozilla and Moshi Monsters will all be there.

There are 1,500 tickets for each day of the event. Saturday is for Product Management and Design and Sunday is dedicated to Engineering.

Key Graduate Recruitment Stats from Adzuna:

  • There are 4,167 Graduate technical jobs currently available in the UK, up 33% since the last Silicon Milkroundabout just 6 months ago. Of these jobs, 31% are in London.
  • Over 7,000 Computer Scientists will graduate this summer from University in the UK, meaning just under 2 applicants for every graduate tech vacancy. Compare this to the UK average number of applicants to graduate positions of 50, and it’s clear there is a massive supply demand imbalance in Tech.
  • There will be well over 100 companies hiring at SiliconMilkRoundabout this weekend including Songkick, Mozllia, Twitter and Shazam with over 800 technical jobs up for grabs for the attendees. Positions on offer start at £21k (Junior Dev, undisclosed company) and range all the way up to £60k (Perl Developer, undisclosed company)
  • 25% of start ups currently hiring in London are offering stock to graduate tech employees – 0% of banks hiring graduates are offering stock.
  • The average Banking IT salary is £51,158k which is 22% higher than the average tech start up salary. The highest paying Graduate Tech position in the City is an eye watering £75k. This is what the start-up hiring community is up against.
  • Mobile developers are in hot demand in 2012 with the number of job vacancies up 65% year on year for Android developers and up over 100% for iPhone and iPad developers. Graduate Objective-C developers are able to demand starting salaries of £41,327, 23% higher than the average technical graduate job.
  • Appetite for HTML5, Hadoop, Android jobs continue to grow with search volume for these languages up an average of 82% year on year.
  • Despite what appears to be an abundance of tech jobs in the UK, 1 in 10 Computer Science graduates remain unemployed. (source: Higher Education Statistics Authority)
  • 2012 is seeing massive growth in new “tech terminology” in job ads. Graduates looking to get a head start should be clued up on – “Big Data” (1,300 ad mentions), “Social Discovery” (112 ad mentions), “Augmented Reality” (186 ad mentions), “Mobile Payments” (920 ad mentions) and the “OpenGraph” (88 ad mentions)
  • Key Battle – Android and iOS Developers are duking it out for best mobile Graduate salary, with Android devs on average getting paid £1k more P/A than iPhone developers.
  • There are currently 596 UK employers looking for “Gurus”, over 70 “Ninjas” in hot demand and even one Tech employer looking for a “Coding Jedi”. Tech giants Google, Apple and Facebook appear to be leading the charge with these new stylistic superlatives

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