Employer Branding

Why Inclusion is Important to Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is a term used to describe promotion of a brand by its employees. Why is inclusion such a key ingredient to a successful advocacy programme?

We’ve had a chat with Charu Malhotra who has over 13 years in-house experience in global Talent Acquisition strategy & Employer Branding leadership roles at Unilever, BP, Ferrero and Primark.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • About the importance of employee advocacy
  • Why your current employer brand status is EVERYTHING!
  • That successful employee advocacy has nothing to do with company size or sexy brand
  • Charu’s take on future content & stories in employee advocacy
  • Why co-creating your EVP makes a difference
  • If advocacy has actually become bigger than recruitment
  • What the pitfalls are of an employee advocacy programme
  • Charu’s favourite, cost-effective tech tool
  • What companies ROCK in employee advocacy!

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