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How to Find Content that Will Keep You Relevant on Social

Struggling to be entertaining on social media? Don’t let your obvious shortcomings as a legitimately interesting person hold you back, you can be popular on social media! If I can get over 500 followers on Twitter, surely you can?

So why should you share relevant content to your social media followers? Sharing online content you like is important as it demonstrates your understanding of your specialism. Imagine as an employer you view a candidate who’s already active within the community, with a clear grasp on the ongoing news of the industry. Reacting and sharing relevant content makes a lasting impression.

Your followers are generally interested in not only what you’re doing, but your opinion on the news, plus what news you find interesting enough to share. Remember, your followers possess generally the same interests as you! Don’t be afraid to share what you find fascinating!

There are tools available within social networks to help find interesting new content. Twitter Lists are a great way of filtering users sharing valuable content. Twitter’s Discover page is great for exploring content your audience has already engaged with. Viewing users similar to you, in terms of humour, style, and interests is a great way of exploring what content will prove popular with your followers.

But what about dedicated websites and tools for discovering the next best content online? This #TechTuesday, we felt it was important to review how to discover content that will entertain your social network ‘friends’. Find the latest images, videos, articles and perhaps cat GIFs by using the following 5 tools:

Google News:

If you have a subject in mind you wish to share, a good starting point is Google News. Google accumulates the most relevant content to a subject matter, letting you discover content that is valuable faster. Usually breaking news is first to appear on Google News, so using this site as a beginning research point is advised.

Google News is also good for discovering multiple news outlet perspectives on a singular piece of news, as the search engine groups together articles on the same subject.


The website Klout gives you a score in terms of your effectiveness on social media. You can then measure your impact and learn what content previously worked well and where to improve. Klout also gives suggestions to what content to share, for example the content below regarding Twitter:

Klout works out what content is relevant to your audience and the percentage of your audience would find it interesting.

There are various topics you can choose from, suggested by what you’ve discussed on online.

Klout is a great way of discovering how effective you are at social media, and improve your social media performance. If you want to take social media seriously, occasionally checking on your Klout score is advised.


Feedly is a great way of organising all of the websites your regularly visit into one stream. If you’re like me and have a million websites you visit everyday, this makes numerous websites an easier process. Feedly is available on all devices, including smartphones.

The interface for Feedly is clear and minimal, making articles digestible and sifting through the large amount of content easier. I use Feedly everyday to keep up-to-date on my interests, and I sometimes share content I discover from the service. It’s also great for catching up on articles and content you may of missed otherwise.


Swayy is a online dashboard that also finds topics related to your interests. The site allows you to choose which topics you wish to focus on, which Swayy then finds content relating to that subject.

Swayy also offers a Google Chrome widget to allow you to easily share content on websites. Similar to Buffer, you can share websites to multiple social networks at once, schedule posts. Swayy also suggests hashtags to add for maximum performance on updates.


Buffer is a fantastic tool for scheduling content being posted frequently on multiple social accounts, but it also offers suggested content to share you can instantly add to your schedule. These suggested articles are also based on your previous posts. The Buffer Chrome widget is essential for scheduling content fast.

How do you discover new content to share on social media? How do you stand out online? Let us know in the comments!