Top 10 CV Mistakes You Really Don’t Want to Make

We all know how stressful a job search can be. There’s a lot to consider, but one of the most important things to get perfect is your CV. Thanks for this useful infographic from Armstrong Appointments, we can understand what not to do making adjustments to your CV.

Why is this important? If you avoid these common CV mistakes you can potentially raise your chances of getting past the first hurdle to landing your dream job!


  • Please, please, check your spelling and grammar. Don’t put your complete trust in your PC’s ability to discover typos. Read backwards to spot issues with grammar. Treat this as a reflection of you. You wouldn’t turn up to your interview not looking your best, make sure your CV looks just as sharp!
  • Keep your CV simple, and concise. Keep information shared relevant. No one wants to know what grades you got in primary school.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of white space, as it can make your CV much easier to read. Give your qualifications room to breathe!

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