How to Get a Job When You’re a Royal Princess

In March, The Telegraph featured a story on the troubles of some of the ‘minor royalty.’ The Queen has been charged with reforming and reorganizing the Civil List and to find places in overall spending by the British royal family to trim off some £6 million from the budget by 2013. Prince Charles announced that when he becomes king, he intends to severely cut the number of royals benefitting from the Civil List down to 8 or 9. Where does this leave the ‘minor’ royalty, such as the young lady who is fifth in the line of succession, Princess Beatrice?

A courtier at Buckingham Palace claimed the Princesses will seek employment while still carrying out their royal duties. However, the Telegraph reports, “…despite her Royal title (or perhaps because of it), Beatrice has failed to find a suitable job since she graduated from university with a 2:1 in history last year.” The Princess also draws much criticism from the public for her “royalty protection officers.” So what’s a Princess to do?

Burly protection officers aside, Princess Beatrice, like all job seekers, is going to have to take stock of her assets and use what she has on hand to find a “suitable job.” Her 2:1 degree in history could get her into postgraduate studies if she chooses, or possibly open a door to her in the fine arts or fashion industries. Fortunately, the Princess is already pursuing work in those two fields.

Other questions the Princess, as well as all other job seekers, may have to consider include the following:

What generally transferable skills have been gained through my course of studies?

The wise student will take advantage of his or her university education in order to sharpen the skills desired by employers who recruit graduates in any discipline. This will allow the student to clearly communicate both orally and in writing, put forward ideas and arguments in a concise, clear manner, gather, organize and analyze data, and base conclusions on research. In fact, these skills will likely be more important than the subject of the conferred degree.

What have others done with a similar degree?

From journalist to practitioner of law, many university graduates have found the important skills learned while studying History to be invaluable. The University of Kent also offers a list of Occupations Associated with History, including Civil Servant – not that the Princess isn’t already familiar with that field! Job seekers should research various opportunities afforded those with similar educational backgrounds.

Would the conferring university offer help or advice for placement?

As a graduate of Goldsmiths, University of London, Princess Beatrice has Alumni Services available to her. All former students of Goldsmiths are automatically part of their alumni community which is updated via regular e-newsletters, a biannual magazine and networking events. The University also has its social media pages. For more hands-on assistance, the Princess may avail herself of the Careers Advice office for up to two years following her graduation.

How can a well-written CV assist in a job search?

Thanks to her education, hobbies, interests, and charity work, Princess Beatrice probably has several pages worth of experience. By further including a personal statement with her CV, the Princess can explain how her varied experiences will help in her future career. The CV is her personal advertising campaign.

What is the best way to get the word out?

No doubt the princess has many friends, acquaintances, and contacts who would be more than happy to connect her with others who might offer her the position she is seeking. Perhaps her Uncle Charles or Cousins William or Harry could be of some help. The best way to locate employment opportunities is through networking and word of mouth. Job seekers should let their friends and neighbors know that they are available and actively looking for challenging work or a position where they can utilize their talents and abilities to help others succeed. Throughout this process, it is important to keep a positive attitude – no one wants a “downer” person around, nor do they want to refer this person to their friends!

This British royal’s plight highlights several strategies that are important for any job seeker – newly minted from a university or otherwise – namely, utilizing one’s immediate resources and built-in networking. Whether one is fifth-in-line to the throne or, much more likely, a regular university graduate searching for that “suitable job,” one should take stock of one’s assets, research alternatives available to individuals with a similar education and skill set, take advantage of available resources at one’s alma mater, polish up one’s CV and make it a personal ad campaign, network with others, and most importantly, stay positive. Following these tried and true strategies, one will have a job offer before one can say, “The Best of British to You!”

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Author: Ashley Parker is an Anglophile currently living in Houston, Texas. She works as a Recruiting Representative for Insperity Recruiting Services. Follow Ashley on Twitter @Ashley_E_Parker.

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