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How Recruiters Can Attract Top Candidates in Person

It’s not always easy making a connection with top talent in person. Most often, they happen in speedy small talk at career fairs, off-hand conversations at industry conferences, or formal sit-downs during the hiring process. It’s important, however, that recruiters are able to make the most of these moments so that they can attract and hire the best talent for their company.

Here are some tips on how recruiters can make the most of in-person events and bring in the most qualified candidates.

Look professional

Most candidates are expected to dress professionally, so recruiters should as well to show mutual respect. If you show up to a networking event in sneakers and jeans with a messy bedhead, you can make yourself and your company come across as lazy and entitled.

Instead, be sure to wear a tie or skirt and blouse to appear thoughtful and help project yourself well to the best candidates. But, don’t forget about the rest of your look, either. Studies show that grooming is one of the first things people notice about others, so it’s important that you’re keeping your hair and face tidy. Keep your hair brushed and styled, and consider using a hair loss product to thicken your locks and avoid a patchy look. Similarly, keep any facial hair trimmed and try to keep visible facial piercings to a minimum. These small steps will help you come across as a serious recruiter and will best represent your organization as a place where others would be valued.

Understand different personalities

When interacting with several different types of people, it’s crucial that you understand how to best communicate with them. This will help you better appeal to their professional and social needs and put them at ease throughout the conversation. Some candidates will prefer you to lead the whole conversation, while others would like to steer the dialogue themselves.

Be sure you study up on how to recognize the different personality types so you can create a bond quickly and enjoy comfortable conversations with prospects who you feel have the most potential. Understanding their personality early will also help you understand how each individual you meet could fit into your organization, make the conversation more unique and improve your decision-making after the event.

Control your body language

While it may seem inconsequential, the way you move and stand can speak volumes to candidates about you and your organization. If you cross your arms or furrow your eyebrows, you can come across as stand-offish and unfriendly. Instead, try to use your hands to accentuate your points and smile regularly. This will attract others by portraying an air of warmth and kindness and put prospects at ease throughout the conversation.

Additionally, the way you speak and listen can impact the way candidates feel about you. Nodding and maintaining eye contact can show your interest in them while matching their tone of voice and pitch can subconsciously display your similarities to them. These small changes can help attract talent and convince them that your organization is one with similar values as them.

Be sure you’re keeping an eye on yourself throughout the event, however, as nerves, boredom, and exhaustion can become clear if you forget to check in on your nonverbal cues.

Use these tips to guide your meetings and ensure you make the most out of every in-person event to attract top talent to your organization.

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