How to Find Graduate Jobs and Internships on LinkedIn

A new career portal was introduced a few months ago on LinkedIn: LinkedIn for students and recent graduates. Apparently, it has been quite popular in the US, but hasn’t really been known enough here in the UK and Europe just yet!

The platform enables its users to search for internships and many entry-level jobs, offered by a very large amount of companies from all around the world. This way, you can have access to job opportunities that suit you and even be directly targeted depending on what you are looking for.

Beyond networking with your university classmates, your favorite companies, and colleagues, LinkedIn has the purpose of creating a real relationship between public organizations, companies that are hiring, and you.

Find below some tips on how to begin using the Jobs for Students and Recent Graduates Portal!

1. Selecting the type of job you are looking for:

First, enter the sector you are interested in.

From Art/Creative to Science, find the industry that suits you in order to get into the platform, and search through everything you need.

2. Refine your search as much as you need!

The platform includes many criteria giving you the chance to target as precisely as possible what you are looking for. From the company to the location, but also the salary or your entry-level, refine your search so that it defines what you’re looking for.

Note as well that sometimes, it’s better not to be too precise when looking for an offer: you might be missing some results that could have interested you.

Try to stay as open as you can, knowing still that you are able to refine your searches whenever you want.

3. Apply!

Once you’ve found an offer that suits you and went through the job description, desired skills, and experience, you can apply directly from the platform. Just hit the “apply now” button and add any information you want in addition to your LinkedIn Profile, such as your resume and cover letter!

Note that, depending on the company and the offer, you will sometimes be redirected to the company website to apply.

4. Save your searches:

On the portal, you can create your own “job basket”: save your searches, save your favorite jobs, and easily manage your applications! Stay connected to your LinkedIn account and find everything you need to get that next job you’ve been waiting for!

I hope you found this helpful and will make the most of it! Find out for yourself and start using the LinkedIn Student Job Portal. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, so please feel free to share your ideas and comments!

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