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How Much Can IT Professionals in the Health Sector Earn?

IT has one of the highest demands for talent of any industry and within the health sector this demand is even higher.

In order to attract the best staff to their organisations, employers are offering pretty generous salaries to these professionals, but is what they’re offering enough and do expectations match up to reality? have compiled an infographic sharing their findings from the 2015 Healthcare Information Technology Salary Report, looking at average Health IT salaries by job function, experience, age, gender and organization type.

How much can Health IT professionals earn?

  • The average salary that professionals think that they deserve is $105,631.
  • In average professionals think that they deserve to be paid $17,227 more than they earn.
  • The average bonus for professionals in the sector to earn is $7,990.

How does salary increase with experience?

  • With health IT experience, professionals can expect to earn an average salary of $90k.
  • With an IT certification professionals can expect to earn an average salary of over $95k.
  • Average salaries within health IT generally rise with age and years of experience, however they stop growing after 65.
  • The gender pay gap in health IT has reduced from just under $18k in 2014 to $1,185 in 2015.

Average salaries by function and organisation

  • Project Managers and IT managers earn the most, whereas implementation consultants are at the lower end of the scale.
  • The highest salaries are paid in consulting companies and insurance companies, whereas the lowest is offered in clinics.


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By Sophie Deering