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5 Ways to Improve Your Health and Wellness Program

Just like any industry, the recruitment field changes a lot. There are a lot of new strategies because of that fact that the applicants are dynamic, too. The old recruitment strategies cannot attract the applicants of today.

The biggest recruitment trend you should look out for is the implementation of health and wellness policies. Obviously, the health and wellness of your employees will drive their productivity. If they’re feeling well, then they have the energy to do their tasks without hesitation.

You’ll see that after a few months of implementation, there would be less sick leaves and unforeseen expenses you spend on your employee’s health benefits.

You might be surprised by how much this factor influences the decision of an applicant. Surely, they want to achieve a work-life balance, and enabling a health and wellness policy in your company will make you a viable option.

There are a lot of wellness programs you can implement.

1. Naps

It sounds so simple, but it’s very beneficial to your employees and potential applicants. Some of the biggest companies like Facebook and Google have nap pods in their companies. They value breaks in their company system.

If you’re afraid that this will hamper energy productivity, it’s the total opposite. A refreshed employee will have more than enough drive to finish a task after a nap.

2. Fitness Center

This might be the most expensive, but it’s also the most flexible among all health and wellness programs. You can launch yoga classes, set up group exercises, and promote healthy living in general.

Yoga allows better relaxation and stress reliever. This is one effective way to balance their senses. Due to deadlines, employees can be overworked and stressed. Taking some time off to just breathe and take your mind off some things will boost your productivity.

3. Transportation

Most of your employees spend a lot of time on the road at around 2-3 hours a day. Applicants will consider companies that provide transportation, especially if they’re coming from far areas.

Now it doesn’t have to be cars and busses. You can provide bikes and other environment-friendly forms of transport. Besides, biking will improve their overall health.

4. Wellness Sessions

Aside from getting their physical bodies to work, the mental aspect is crucial as well. You can have stress management seminars. In this manner, your employees can let out their frustrations in a professional manner.

In line with that, you can have classes about health and nutrition. These can be about what your employees should and should not eat, and food ingredients information.

Moreover, there are lessons about better stress management and the availability of support groups.

5. Healthy Food

Employees resort to fast and easy processed foods due to time constraints. Also, because of burnout and stress, they don’t have the will to prepare their own food anymore.

If you want to assure health and wellness in your company, you can change the food in the cafeteria to healthy dishes and snacks.

Furthermore, having a common space to eat will foster interaction between your employees even if they’re not working closely. This will improve collaboration and productivity.

There are other recruitment trends you should watch out for in 2018. There is the AI, video assessment, and recruitment, and working remotely. However, health and wellness policies just lay down the foundation of your company to your employees and potential applicants.

At this point, you should level up your game if you want to be on pace with the other recruiters. All you need to do is prepare. This elevates the candidate experience and employee engagement. As an HR executive, you manage expectations and execute it the best way possible.


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