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How to Create a Team of Employee Advocates

Employee advocacy has generally been used as a trendy buzzword in HR, marketing and sales over the past few years. Now, it’s value and importance to businesses all around the world is backed up by real data and numbers.

This week we speak to Craig Fisher, a.k.a. Fishdogs, an Employer Branding Consultant at CA Technologies and Head of Marketing at Allegis Global Solutions RPO. We discuss his long-term engagement with CA Technologies, the strategy and tactics he applied to bring the company back into the talent spotlight.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • About the corporate culture at CA Technologies
  • What #LifeatCA is all about
  • What CA Technologies’ 7 pillars are
  • What their tagline ‘Bring What You Bring’ is all about
  • Why referrals are their best source of hire, not Linkedin
  • Why the human touch is important in your hiring process
  • Why cost per interview is Craig’s favorite ROI metric
  • What Craig’s three tips for employer branding managers are
  • Why Otto Berkes, the creator of the XBox, inspires Craig
  • Why a ‘Blended Workforce’ is next for employer branding.

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