Employer Branding

Do Good Looks Lead to Career Success?

It could be argued that we live in an incredibly superficial world. Concepts of beauty affect everything we do – the products we buy, the food we eat, even the people we associate with.

But does it affect our work lives? This infographic from delves deeper into the controversial question – does it pay to be pretty?


  • The average callback rate for a typically ‘attractive’ woman is 54%. The callback rate for typically ‘unattractive’ woman is only 7%. A truly shocking statistic.
  • Tall people typically earn more money than shorter employees – it could be argued this is simply due to the way employees hold themselves. It could also be related to confidence and attitude.
  • Woman who wear makeup are taken more seriously than those who don’t. Whats the reason for this?
  • The average salary of an employee with low self-esteem is much less than an employee with high-self esteem. Does this mean it’s all about attitude?

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