It could be argued that we live in an incredibly superficial world. Concepts of beauty affect everything we do – the products we buy, the food we eat, even the people we associate with.

But does it affect our work lives? This infographic from brightonsbm.com delves deeper into the controversial question – does it pay to be pretty?


  • The average callback rate for a typically ‘attractive’ woman is 54%. The callback rate for typically ‘unattractive’ woman is only 7%. A truly shocking statistic.
  • Tall people typically earn more money than shorter employees – it could be argued this is simply due to the way employees hold themselves. It could also be related to confidence and attitude.
  • Woman who wear makeup are taken more seriously than those who don’t. Whats the reason for this?
  • The average salary of an employee with low self-esteem is much less than an employee with high-self esteem. Does this mean it’s all about attitude?

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