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What Are the Global Recruitment Trends in 2015?

Recruitment is an ever evolving industry, especially with the growth of technology and social media. The way that candidates are sourced, jobs are advertised and businesses develop their employer brands are all things that have been adapting over the years.

Whereas job boards are still going strong, like in previous years; social media is on the rise and is now central to recruitment processes all over the world.

So what has 2015 had in store for recruitment so far and what are the trends that are going to continue for the rest of the year?

This infographic by Lucas Blake gives us a summary of some of the global recruiting trends of 2015.

What are the key recruitment trends of 2015?

  • Social media has made it possible to access candidates with more ease than ever before and vice versa.
  • Targeting the right candidates is now quicker and simpler, thanks to the introduction of digital marketing tools.
  • More and more job seekers are searching for an applying for jobs via mobile devices.
  • Competition and compensation are the biggest challenges that employers are facing.
  • 56% of talent acquisition leaders say that employer brand is one of the top priorities for their organisation.

What are the top sources for seeking talent?

  • Job boards and company career sites are the best sources for seeking a high number of candidates, with social media coming in last.
  • For quality candidates, job boards are also the best place to look, followed by social media.

How are things looking for employer branding?

  • 75% of talent acquisition leaders say that talent brand impacts their ability to hire.
  • The top reasons for investing in employer branding is to increase brand awareness and to increase belief in the impact of the employer brand.

What does the future hold for recruitment?

  • Global recruiting leaders believe that social and professional networks are going to be essential in the future of recruitment; in addition to investing more in employer branding and sourcing passive candidates.
  • In the next 5-10 years recruitment is expected to become more like marketing and there will be improved candidate and job matching.

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