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How Fortune 500 Companies Use Recruitment Marketing

In this day and age when the recruitment industry is becoming increasingly competitive, it is essential that companies adopt effective recruitment marketing practices and focus on building an appealing employer brand, in order to attract the top talent to their organisation.

Fortune 500 companies have an advantage over smaller businesses when this is concerned, due to larger budgets and the probability that a reputation has already been established due to the vast size of them. This doesn’t mean that time and effort does need to go into building an effective strategy, however, as they have to make themselves stand out from the crowd if they want to nab the top candidates on the market.

Smashfly recently looked into the marketing practices that are being adopted by Fortune 500 companies for talent attraction in 2015, analysing their career websites in order to assess how effective their strategies are. Here are some of their key findings:

How are Fortune 500 companies performing in recruitment marketing?

  • Smashly graded each company on their recruitment marketing and rewarded 27% of companies an ‘A’ or a ‘B’.
  • 39% of the Tech sector earned an ‘A’ or a ‘B’.
  • They found that 67% of companies have a student or intern page on their career site and 57% use employee stories.

Are Fortune 500 companies making use of mobile?

  • 70 companies have an end to end mobile friendly candidate experience.
  • 59% have a mobile friendly homepage.
  • 36% have mobile friendly job search.
  • 38% have a mobile friendly application system.

What emerging and untapped marketing practices are being used?

  • 27% have a talent network.
  • 9% have a blog and resources.
  • 33% have career specific social channels.

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