Employer Branding

How Employee Referrals Can Impact Your Employer Brand

The infographic below, compiled by RolePoint spells out just why it’s imperative for employers to focus on fostering a positive brand if they want to find and retain the best employees.

Some key stats include:

  • Companies with a defined employer brand dominate 60% of the labor market
  • Companies with an unmanaged employer brand make up only 40% of the market
  • 17% of companies with a defined employer brand saw an increase in their quality of hires

If companies want to reduce turnover and improve hiring, they’ve got to start with themselves. Check out more stats on the importance of a strong employer brand in the infographic below.

Author: Bill Boorman has always worked in and around recruiting as a Recruiter, Trainer, Operations Director, Consultant, and Coach. Over the last five years, he has been working as a consultant and trainer to growing recruiting firms across Europe. 

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Employee Referrals

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