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The 5 Signs That Your Employee Deserves a Promotion

One of the key factors that professionals look for when seeking a new role is the opportunity for career progression and scope for promotion within the organisation; so it is therefore essential that you are recruiting internally and assisting your employees in climbing the career ladder.

If an employee is working hard and making valuable contributions to the company, then it is only fair that this is recognised and they are given the opportunities that they deserve.

So what should bosses be looking out for in their staff in order to identify the individuals who are promotion ready? Here are some of the top signs.

1) Consistent high performance

Look at how they have been performing in their role over time, rather than just recent achievements, as this will demonstrate that they are committed and have putting their full effort in at work.

Try to quantify your staff’s performance in some way, for example sales goals, lead conversions, etc., as this data will allow you to build a more accurate idea of who the top performers are and how they perform over a particular time period.

2) Willing to go the extra mile

Keep an eye out for the employees who are prepared to put in a little extra time to make sure that their work is done to the best standard and deadlines are met. This doesn’t mean that they have to stay late every day and skip their lunch breaks, but it will reflect well on them if they are willing to jump in when they are needed and put the effort in to make sure tasks are completed on time and urgent matters are attended to.

If an employee is persistently late to work and clock watch throughout the day, it may signify that their heart isn’t really in it.

3) They offer ideas for the business

The most valuable employees are those who are not only interested in their own work, but also the success of the business as a whole. Think about which members of your workforce who have shared their ideas for improving or growing the company over the time that they have been with you. Who are the people who will come up with solutions to problems, rather than just complain? These are the forward movers.

4) Focus on self improvement

These individuals are always eager to continue learning and expanding their existing skill-set. They are always willing to step outside of their comfort zone in order to push their own personal boundaries and improve in areas of weakness.

Are there any particular members of staff who proactively ask you for feedback about how they are doing and what they can improve? The most motivated and driven employees will identify areas that they need to work on and then do what it takes to achieve what they must to move forward in their careers.

5) They are respected by other staff

In order to build a productive team and harmonious workplace, it is important that staff respect each other. The better they get along, the more willing they are to assist each other when necessary and to work together in order for things to be achieved at the best standard. Conflict in the workplace can have a negative effect on job satisfaction and work performance, so troublesome employees may not be suitable for promotion.

Respect is even more important when it comes to management roles, as a manager who does not have the respect of their staff may not have the right level of authority over them, or the ability to motivate the team.

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By Sophie Deering