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7 Efficiency Lessons from Small Business Leaders

Owning and running a business is no easy feat. There are hundreds of factors you need to consider on a daily basis to make sure the business is running smoothly and efficiently. But what does running an efficient business actually mean? Efficiency is simply the reduction of wasted inputs – whether that be money, training or employees.

Building an efficient business can take years of practice, and can be difficult to get right. But before you get started on the road to efficiency, why not check out what some of the most seasoned small business owners have to say about efficiency in the workplace. The infographic below by Make it Cheaper has curated the most helpful tips from the experts!

1) Chuck Leavell, co-founder of Mother Nature Network:

Leavell recommends every business should be readily prepared for change, no matter the circumstances.

2) Michael Ventura, founder of Sub Rosa:

Avoid complacency by constantly setting new and more challenging goals for yourself, your team and the business itself.

3) Anisa Telwar, founder of Anisa International:

Delegating tasks is an easy way to keep the business efficient. Don’t think that you have all the answers, just make sure you hire people who do.

4) James Green, CEO of Magnetic:

Don’t make it personal. You should never treat your business like a child, be ruthless if you have to.

5) Jeff Platt, CEO of Sky Zone:

Spend your time wisely. Don’t think about what’s immediately in front of you. Plan for the long term.

6) David Morken, Cofounder of Bandwidth:

Spend your time wisely. Make sure you have an equal work/life balance and that you don’t burn yourself out.

7) John Coleman, founder of The VIA Agency:

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Set achievable and realistic goals.

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