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The 6 Funniest On Screen Job Interviews Ever

We’ve probably all been to a job interview at some point or another and whether they resulted in the desired outcome or not, I’m sure you’ll agree that a job interview is rarely an experience to be taken lightly and they can bring up a range of emotions, from excitement, to pure fear!

They’re unfortunately an unavoidable part of working life and therefore over the years job interviews have been a common feature of films and TV, ranging from the comical or cringeworthy, to occasionally even inspirational.

I’ve collated a list of some of the best job interview scenes to date, including  the downright disastrous and some rather unconvincing success stories. Whether you’re the bumbling idiot, or the smooth talking marvel, I’m sure you can relate to some of these!

1) Step Brothers

We all feel like we could do with a bit of moral support ahead of an interview, but Brennan Huff (Will Ferrel) took this a step too far in Step Brothers, when he took his step brother (John Reily) into the room with him. This isn’t the only thing he got carried away with either. I’d say a tuxedo was probably a tad too formal for the occasion and by no means should you tell your interviewer (who’s name you got wrong several times) to shut up!  Explains why they’re both unemployed and living at home at the age of 40 I guess!

What can be learnt?

Remember your interviewers name!

2) The Internship

It’s a miracle that Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) managed to talk their way into an internship at Google. Not only did the two slightly-older-than-average interns struggle to even set up the technology required for their video interview with one of the leading tech companies in the world; but they then went on to provide a jibbering rant in response to an  “out-the-box” question about being stuck in a blender.

What can be learnt?

Got a video interview coming up? Make sure you’ve familiarised yourself with the tool before hand!

3)  Mrs Doubtfire

Nerves can make us do and say some strange things at times and Daniel Hillard (Robin Willliams) from Mrs Doubtfire knows this too well. When asked if he has any special skills he get slightly off track and goes on to showcase all the different “voices” that he can do and albeit impressive, they were unfortunately entirely irrelevant to the job. Unfortunately his interviewer didn’t see the funny side of it. Not even the hot dog impression!

What can be learnt?

Relate your skills to the particular job you are being interviewed for, even if you so have some pretty spectacular tricks up your sleeve!

4) You, Me & Dupree

Dupree’s (Owen Wilson) a pretty laid back guy and although he’s great fun to be around, he doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to employment. Desperate to cling onto his youth and enjoy life, he wants his job to be on his terms and to take up as little of his time as possible. For this reason, upon attending an interview he immediately launches into a discussion about when he DOESN’T have to work and explains that he works to live and isn’t very task orientated. Yikes!

What can be learnt? 

Don’t discuss employee perks and vacation time before you’ve been offered the job!

5) TED

If only job interviews were all this easy. For somebody who doesn’t actually want to get the job Ted absolutely nails his interview, albeit by accident and much to his dismay. It’s not recommended that you make crude remarks about your interviewers wife, but for some bizarre reason it worked for Ted.

What can be learnt?

Don’t bad mouth anyone or swear in interview. Let’s not use Ted as an example, as I assure you he is an exception to the rule!

6) Good Will Hunting

A level of confidence is good when interviewing for a job, however there is a line that be crossed and Chuckie Sullivan (Ben Affleck) in Good Will Hunting certainly does that! Despite being offered the job already, he then goes on to demand cash on the spot as a ‘retainer.’ Some how he manages to completely take charge of the room and walks out with the money he asked for. The panel of interviewers were lost for words!

What can be learnt?

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Making demands before you’ve even started the job could lose you the offer.

 [Top Image Credit: Shutterstock]

By Sophie Deering