6 Desk Must-Haves to Keep You Happy and Productive

If you work in an office, chances are you spend a large amount of your time sat at a desk. Now whether you love it loathe it, there are ways and means to brighten up the area and make it much nicer place to be. So what are the top things you need on your desk to keep it productive? Read on to find out!

1. A plant

Did you know that having a plant or shrub on your desk can significantly improve your happiness? If you’ve not already invested in a little bundle of shrubbery to take care of, what are you waiting for?  Plants can also improve air quality (you can even get specific species that are really good at this, such as an Aloe plant!)

They can also brighten up the look of a typically boring work desk, so choose something colourful!

Best plants for offices:

  • Spider plant
  • Philodendron
  • Mini cactus

2. Snacks

Eating small amounts of food at regular intervals can dramatically improve concentration levels throughout the day. Make sure you keep a selection of healthy snacks on your desk to munch on throughout the day.

Healthy snack ideas:

  • Carrot sticks and hummus
  • Cereal Bar
  • Yogurt
  • Almonds

3. Water

Dehydration can really stunt your energy throughout the day. Make sure you have water on-hand at your desk so that you stay hydrated and energised throughout the day. If you get the infamous 3pm slump then drinking a large glass of water can perk you up and get you going again.

4. Headphones & music

Music is a great motivator. It can perk you up when you’re feeling less than perky, as well as creating a feeling of privacy, rid of distractions. So if you have a task that needs all your concentration, why not grab your headphones, stick on some tunes and get going? You’ll mask the distractions in the office and your mind will be focused on the task at hand.


  • Get your favourite movie soundtrack up on YouTube and listen to that. Sometimes lyrics can be distracting.
  • Download the Spotify app and stream your music hassle free.
  • If you prefer more ambient sounds (and no music) give Rainy Mood a go!

5. Umbrella

There’s nothing worse than making your way to an important meeting and getting caught in the rain. Turning up looking like a drowned rat is not a good look, so making sure you keep an umbrella handy will mean you’ll never have this problem.

6. Lint Roller

Keeping a lint roller in your drawer will keep you looking smart and fresh even if a meeting is sprung on you spontaneously at 4pm on a Friday afternoon.

7. A work jumper

Something that can really effect motivation in an office is the temperature of your surroundings. In every office there’s always that one colleague who is eternally freezing – if that’s you it’s worth bringing in a jumper to leave in the office to combat the cold. This way you won’t get distracted by the office surroundings and be more productive overall.

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By Ruby Lowe

Account Executive at Link Humans, download our 12 Essentials of Employer Branding eBook now.