Employer Branding

25 Simple Tips to Boost Workplace Engagement

To create a productive work environment, employers must first concentrate on their employees. Ensuring your workforce are happy, healthy and motivated means the overall quality of work will improve, as well as your company remaining a fun, innovative and exciting place to work.

Creativity is an important aspect of this. If employees don’t feel stimulated in the workplace, they will inevitably become bored and lacklustre in their role. So what are some easy, cheap and fun ways to ensure your workforce lets their creative juices flow? We’ve put together a list of simple tips that any workforce can consider:

1. Collaborate with someone you’ve never collaborated with before

2. Introduce a weekly/monthly meeting that’s all about ideas. Even if it lasts 10 minutes, it’s a good way to encourage fresh thinking in the workplace

3. Go for a walk to clear your head and brainstorm

4.Arrange a business meeting in an unusual place. ie. the zoo

5. Play music in the office

6. Visualise your goals in a poster or infographic

7. Take an hour to read a book

8.Draw a cartoon of your ideas

9. Crack open a beer and relax with your colleagues

10. Invest in better lighting for your office

11. Invite thought leaders into your office for a talk

12. Invite colleagues (of any level) to present a talk to the entire workforce

13. Don’t read any emails until 11am

14. Create a wall of images that inspire you and invite everyone to add to it

15.Be more experimental

16. Invite customers and clients for a drink personally

17. Cook a meal for your team

18. If you can complete something in 2 minutes. Don’t put it off – do it now

19. Allow flexibility

20. Ask questions

21. Take part in an annual ‘job swap’ day – where colleagues can experience working in someone else’s role for a day

22. Set yourself personal deadlines

23. Hold fun contests every week internally

24. Be as open and honest with your colleagues as you can

25. Never use the words ‘but we’ve always done it that way’