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How Experienced Consultants Can Help Employers Achieve Recruitment Resolutions

With the New Year just around the corner, there’s likely to be plenty of advice aimed at job seekers who are looking to secure a new start, as well as tips for employees aiming to take their next career step. So I’d like to focus on employers instead. My New Year tip is to use this time to plan ahead for any recruitment needs in 2016, and beyond.

Employers should set themselves a resolution to become more proactive in their recruitment strategy. Planning ahead can increase the quality of your recruitment process. It can also help to minimise any expensive hiring mistakes, as appointing any new member of staff is always a significant investment for any company.

More in depth planning could become increasingly crucial in 2016. If the economy continues to become more buoyant, more businesses will have the confidence to implement growth strategies and to recruit new people. Employers could potentially face an ‘applicant drought’, with competition increasing amongst businesses to secure the best talent for long term success.

If you’re unsure how to plan ahead, a good recruitment agency can provide additional support. Experienced consultants will work with you to ensure your business is well equipped for future growth. They can help to forecast your needs, in line with your business plan, by looking at what areas your organisation is expanding and what functions will be needed to support this growth.

Even the most experienced in house HR teams can benefit from the added value a good recruitment agency can bring. Here’s a few more examples of how an experienced consultant can help you to ensure that 2016 is a successful year for recruitment.

1) Industry insight

A good recruitment consultant will have their finger on the pulse of the industry they specialise in, acting as an employer’s eyes and ears in the market place. They can provide everything from an understanding of the jobs being advertised by competitors, through to any shifting trends in salaries or job packages. This valuable insight will help make sure that your organisation offers the right package to attract the best talent, within the timescales needed.

2) Enhancing your employer brand

A consultant can also provide additional resources to help promote your company as a great place to work, which will help you to attract high quality candidates. Consultants will advise candidates directly on the benefits of working for your organisation, and can also provide additional ideas to make your business stand out as a good employer. This could include tips on showcasing your organisation as a socially responsible place to work, something which is becoming increasingly important to the younger generation in particular. Or a review of the job packages offered, and suggestions of any benefits such private medical cover, flexible working, or training and development opportunities, which could help to make your organisation more competitive.

3) Wider reach

Consultants are networking within their specialist fields every day and the relationships they build will help ensure you don’t miss out on the best candidates. They will have access to people who may not consciously be looking for a job and wouldn’t necessarily have seen that you were advertising. They will also be aware of talented people who may currently be looking for a similar role, but in a different location. With the right relocation package, which a consultant will help to advise on, they could be tempted to take their next career step in a new area.

4) Culture fit

Finding someone with the right skills, qualifications and experience is incredibly important. But for the placement to work in the long term, it’s just as important to find someone who will also be a good fit for your organisation’s culture. A good recruitment consultant will provide additional, complementary services, such as psychometric testing, to help identify the candidates who share your company’s values. Remember a consultant will also already have interviewed candidates and developed a relationship with them. This means they have a clear understanding of who they are and what they are looking for. This can save internal HR teams some precious time as a consultant will provide a shortlist of only the most appropriate candidates for the role, and for the company itself.

5) Added value

Potentially one of the most important areas in which a good recruitment agency can really help employers is through the added value provided in the long term. It’s important that you don’t just place someone in a role and then walk away. Continue the relationship to ensure the candidate settles in to the new role as quickly and effectively as possible. This includes offering services such as induction support and transition coaching.

By Gill Buchanan

Gill is a founding Director of Pure Resourcing Solutions has worked in the recruitment field since 1988. Gill’s experience is broad based and includes eight years of specialist recruitment experience within an international specialist recruitment company including five years working within financial services recruitment in Sydney, Australia.