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What’s Coffee Got to Do with Recruiting? Everything.

Coffee-holics unite in agreement that every day should be National Coffee Day. The great news is, for many, today it really is!

The majority of businesses rely heavily on both the caffeinated and social perks of coffee. In fact, our internal research suggests that 73.4 percent of employees drink coffee, making it much more popular than other caffeinated beverages. With the job market flooded with candidates constantly searching for a new career path, it’s crucial for organizations to acknowledge even the smallest workplace advantages.

Here’s a look at how understanding employees’ coffee consumption trends can enhance the recruiting process:

Keep up with the jitterbugs

Keeping up with job seeker trends is tough, but it’s important to know what keeps them motivated, especially when it comes to the ever-important cup of coffee. Could the smell of freshly brewed coffee draw quality recruits in? Our survey showed 67.1 percent of employees report needing a coffee boost in the morning to start their day — so odds are, if you brew it, they will come.

It’s easy to identify which people in the office fall under this statistic. Those who need at least one cup of coffee before being greeted, those who need a strong, dark cup in their hand all day to function, and the guy who will argue to his death that his coffee place makes the only coffee worth sipping. Employees are selective when it comes to their motivation nectar, and they’ll let you know. Most employees, 20.9 percent, crave Starbucks while 12.9 percent are heading to Dunkin Donuts on their break.

Discovering and retaining employees is the key to creating successful businesses, and while we can’t all be fueled by a coffee IV, the need to feed our coffee addictions grows with age. Of those over 66 who are still hanging around the office, 87.9 percent can be found congregating around the coffee pot, and 70 percent of employees under 25 are drinking it up.

Free coffee is good coffee

Once high-quality candidates are hired, organizations are constantly on the hunt for creative ways to keep employees happy and motivated. This can be done through fun engagement strategies, loosening the reigns on flexibility, and a great cup of coffee.

Men and women don’t always agree on everything, but they’re in almost total accord about their love for coffee. About 34 percent of women drink two or more cups a day and 36.1 percent of men prefer the same amount. This common ground can be a handy tool in showing your employees their efforts are recognized. Gift cards to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts can be used as simple, but appreciated thank-yous and incentives.

While you’re looking for cost-effective ways to say “I appreciate you,” why not show employees you value their hard work with a custom cup o’ free joe in the office. While the majority of companies are already offering complimentary drinks, you can take your coffee game to the next level. Most employees, 48.1 percent to be exact, enjoy cream, milk, sugar, or flavoring added to their brew. Keep a constant flow of employees’ favorite coffee fixings in the kitchen to show you’re a company that really knows and cares about its team.

Encouraging highly productive employees who feel appreciated at your company doesn’t have to be a complicated task — just keep the coffee flowing.

How do you use coffee to show your appreciation to employees?

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Natalie Hackbarth is the Inbound Marketing Manager of Quantum Workplace, a company dedicated to providing every organization with quality engagement tools.

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