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“Don’t be a D*ck” & Other Career Tips that People Don’t Usually Tell You

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received? Sometimes, the most bizarre tips can be the most helpful. We’ve put together a list of the career tips that can help you along the way, no matter if you’re starting on your journey or already have  lots of experience behind you.

1.Don’t be a d*ck:

This is the one piece of advice that I think is SO important. No matter how important you are (or think you are), you should always try and be nice. Whether it’s to a new intern, the office cleaner, the receptionist – If you’re a horrible person, then chances are people will soon clock onto this, and won’t want to work with you again. I’ve definitely worked with a few of these in my time and it’s effected my view on the company as a whole.

2. Give praise:

If someone’s done something well, let them know.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of socialising:

You may think that declining that after-work drink with a prospective client or your new colleague isn’t effecting anything, but chances are it’s vaguely effecting your career in a negative way. Interacting with people from work in a social setting solidifies relationships, hey- you might even become real friends.

4. Never cook fish in the work-microwave:

Self explanatory, really.

5. Stop complaining:

No one cares if you hate Mondays or were stuck in traffic this morning. Stop complaining.

6. Say ‘good morning’, and ‘good night’ every day:

I get it – On Monday mornings it can be very tempting to slump into work and ignore everyone. But saying good morning – or at least ‘morning’ if you’ve had a bad one – is a basic action that’s polite and friendly. I recently also read that saying ‘Good night’ as you’re leaving the office boosts working relationships with your colleagues, as ‘good night’ is something that is typically said to family members.

7. Say thank you:

Even if you’re the MD of a company – if someone’s done something well, thank them. It’s such a simple and easy act but means so much.

8. Aptitude<Attitude:

Being good at what you do is all well and good – but attitude is what will bring success.

9. Be yourself:

If you’re worried about an interview – the key to success is being yourself. If you’re genuine and honest about yourself, your skills and your experience, then the worst thing they can do is not give you the job. Being yourself will not only make the interview a bit easier – but the interviewers will get a glimpse of the real you – the one that they would working alongside everyday.

10. Make no enemies:

Not everyone is going to like you, and you’re definitely not going to like everyone you have to work with. The important thing about this is, is that you accept this fact – and make no enemies. If you know that you don’t get on with someone, avoid them or find a way to get along. There’s nothing worse than having enemies in the industry, you never know who they are going to talk to.

11. Listen more than you talk:

Not only will you learn ALOT, but it speaks volumes if you’re a better listener than you are speaker. This is especially important in interviews – if you’re not properly listening to their questions, how on earth will you properly answer the question?

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