Which Career Does Your Horoscope Point To?

We all regularly check the magazines and newspapers for our horoscopes, what will the next week or month bring? Horoscopes usually depict common personality traits and how we use this in life to get by in relationships, education and work life.

So what career should you be in based on your horoscope?

This infographic by Crystal Heart Psychics shows suggested careers for each zodiac sign and some of your strongest traits as a person. in both personal and professional life. Here are a few of them…what career will you get?

1. Aquarius

Most likely to have an unconventional job and they love to explore. A Scientist?

2. Pisces

Creative and passionate mindset, and excel in traditional arts. Perhaps an Artist?

3. Aries

Aries are strong, brave and are excellent promotors. Maybe a soldier!

4. Taurus

They love stability, perhaps and Accountant or a Lawyer?

5. Gemini

A gemini wants to travel and is very artistic. You should be a Rescue Worker!

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By Casey Fleischmann