Employer Branding

Designing the Branded Candidate Experience

According to McKinsey, 90% of major brands are making it a top priority to focus on branded customer experiences as their primary differentiator. Hence it makes sense that the focus also includes the quality of the branded candidate experience.

Russell Miyaki is Senior Vice President, Global Creative Director at TMP Worldwide in New York. He gives us the full scoop on branded candidate journeys in this episode.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why branded candidate experience design is essential.
  • What the problem is with most candidate experience designs.
  • What the four stages of candidate experience are.
  • How to find out your audience’s emotional triggers and drivers.
  • How to creatively express your brand to candidates.
  • What the implications are for employer branding and content strategies.
  • How to measure the return on investment for your branded candidate experience design.
  • What’s next in people analytics, the future of work, and more candidate experience-related topics.

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