The Best Cities in the US for Jobs in Medical Sales

Looking for a new role in medical sales? Though there are medical sales jobs are available all around the US, the demand for medical sales reps varies from city to city.

Med Reps have put together an infographic outlining which cities have the highest demand for medical sales reps, where you will find the smallest level of competition and what kind of salary to expect.

What are the best cities for finding medical sales jobs?

New York:

  • They have the most medical sales jobs (651) and with only 406 candidates this means there is not much competition.
  • The average salary is $139,961, however the cost of living is 23.3% above the national average.


  • There are less jobs available in Boston (215), however competition for jobs is also low here.
  • Salaries are higher in Boston than in New York at $157,794 and the living cost is lower at 18.4% above the National average.


  • There are lots of medical sales job opportunities in Chicago (299) and the cost of living is pretty good at 0.6% below the National average.
  • Medical sales reps receive a decent salary of $148,699.

Los Angeles:

  • Salaries are high in LA ($173,205) , but so is the cost of living (17.9% above the national average).
  • There is competition for jobs, but it’s not too bad with 313 candidates and 282 jobs.

San Francisco:

  • San Francisco has the best job to candidate ratio, with 1.85 jobs per candidate.
  • It is really expensive to live in San Francisco, with living costs over 50% higher than the national average.


  • Philadelphia is a good middle ground for medical sales reps, with a reasonable ratio of jobs to candidates and a decent salary ($154,659).
  • The cost of living is only 2.4% above the national average.


  • The competition for jobs is really tough in Dallas, with nearly double the number of candidates to jobs.
  • The average salary is reasonable at $153,676 and the cost of living being 8.3% above the national average.

Where are the highest salaries?

  • Phoenix ($178,407)
  • LA ($173,205)
  • Detroit ($165,533).

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By Sophie Deering