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What’s the Best Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are used by recruiters and companies worldwide as a reliable method of recruiting employees – but it is important to have one that is easy to use and reliable, to gain the best return on investment. But which one is the easiest and best to use? And which gives the best results for recruiting the top talent? Here are the best Applicant Tracking Systems available at the moment:

iCIMS Talent Platform:

Firstly, iCIMS Talent Platform offers you an intuitive online applicant tracking system, based on job publishing and employee referrals. iCIMS Talent Platform is one of the oldest application in this area, by used by thousands of companies worldwide for eight years. As promising as it might sound at first sight, this application will force you to manually review multiple sites or manually contact vendors, if you represent a decentralized company, using the application into more than ten different locations, that have to share the same platform.


SuccessFactors is dedicated to those executives, who don’t have time to organize recruitment, not even online. The application is based on a reducing method of time and costs, by identifying the right candidates, although seeing the demo, I can affirm it offers the same performance as the previous apps.

TrackerRMS Recruitment:

TrackerRMS Recruitment is designed for mostly mobile use. It will automatically generate alerts, when it find the perfect candidates for your jobs, so you won’t miss a thing of your recruitment. If you wish, you can establish a database of candidates’ profiles, so that during the next recruitment, you can pick an old CV and think about hiring or not that person, already interested in your company. This application can also be your virtual assistant, sending emails, establishing meeting or initiating calls.


Compas offers not only social media connections, but connections to Gmail and Outlook too. The application is entirely web-based so you even access it whilst you’re away (if you so wish!). Besides the traditional job-posting feature, you will also benefit from unlimited storage, calendars and other features similar to an agenda. Much more, if you have used previously a different ATS, Compass is able to gently import your data, so the conversion is quite natural, you don’t have to worry about losing important information, while upgrading.


On the other hand, Resumator is a cloud-based application, probably you will find its interface friendlier and easy to use. The companies, that use it, are easily promoting jobs through social media, review online documents (including CVs and articles to be posted on the company’s website) or hire qualified candidates. Resumator is reckoned to properly support companies with more than 1.000 employees geographically scattered.


HiringThing tries to simplify and organise the hiring process. You can intuitively post jobs, receive and analyse applications. Since it’s cheaper than the previous applications and less optimised (no cloud feature, for instance), it’s mostly used by small companies and NGOs. HiringThing can rank your candidates, preview their performance in simple charts and allow you to contact them via email.


PCRecruiter is a helpful assistant for managers addicted to web-based tracking solution. Besides tracking candidates, the application can also prompt you data about sales or marketing strategies developed by your company. Few of the managers using it have complaint about the new entries, sometimes you have to refresh the page, in order to be sure the new information has been added.


Finally, a new application trying to draw attention: BambooHR. Despite its exotic name, this cheap application is able to offer you a reliable web-based management system for small and middle sized companies. You will have real-time access to your data, either you are the manager of the company or an employee and the relevant data is embedded into rich-visual spreadsheets. Unfortunately, BambooHR doesn’t offer a proper social media connection – you will have to manually contact your candidates, using the contact info in their CVs.


With over 5000 companies and nearly half of the Fortune 100 using this platform, Taleo is the best ATS out there. Talent Intelligence is a central part to the Taleo process and is a unified approach to talent data. It gives managers up-to-date insights into candidates, thus making the application process simpler and quicker. It also outlines the best practices and industry-level benchmarks, thus better equipping teams and organisations with the ability to recruit better talent as well as awarding the best performers at their company.

Which is your favourite ATS? Let us know in the comments below!

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