Top 6 Benefits of an Office Free Job

There comes a time for many of us when we take a step back from our career and think about whether it’s still right for us. Sometimes, a change is needed – and freelancing is one of those changes that people across the UK are taking greater satisfaction in.

With advantages such as becoming your own boss and being desk-free, who can blame them? You can work in a role you love, all the while having greater control over your own life.
Read on to find out some of the top benefits to becoming a freelancer or franchisee.

1) Kiss commuting goodbye

Waking up at 6am, before a lengthy train commute to work, is just part of some people’s morning routines.
One of the great things about freelancing is that, if you work from home or your vehicle, your commute is only a matter of minutes (and you don’t have to start your day squashed up against a stranger). Not to mention the fact that, with your hours being more flexible, you could even treat yourself to the odd lie in.

2) Choose your own hours

While the rest of the world moans about Monday mornings and late finishes, you can enjoy a career that lets you work the hours you want.

Freelancing and franchisee work is far more flexible than other jobs, and gives you greater control over your schedule. So if you want to fit work around your other commitments, hobbies or social activities, you have the freedom to do so – and, if you want to take more work on and make a little more cash, this is also possible.

Earning potential is a big part of why people switch to freelance or franchisee careers – some roles could even see an increase in average earning, with recent research from freelance accountancy services specialist FBTC finding that prospects are looking good for driving instructor jobs in particular, as the
majority of driving instructors in the UK see their earnings increasing over the coming 12 months.

3) Take control of your holidays

In an office environment, it can be tricky taking the holiday dates you want when you’ve got other people fighting for the same ones. As a freelancer or franchisee, you don’t have to worry about such awkwardness, and you can book whatever holiday you want without having to go through several people for approval first.
What’s more, the amount of time you want to go away for won’t be a problem. Fancy taking three weeks off over the summer? Done! The same goes for doctor or dentist appointments – no longer will you need to feel nervous about asking your boss for the morning off, and it’ll be much easier to book an appointment with your local surgery.

4) Enjoy freedom

Being managed can make your working life feel more disciplined, which, for some, isn’t always a good thing. Perhaps you’ve found that your boss has given you more responsibility than you’re comfortable with, or you’re not able to focus on the areas of your job you’re most passionate about. With a freelance career, you only need to answer to yourself, and you alone are in charge of the tasks you take on, giving you more opportunities to concentrate on what interests you the most.

Then there’s the aspect of being desk-free – people often associate freelancing with sitting at a desk at home and having little contact with the outside
world, but this isn’t the case at all. There are many freelance careers that allow you to get and about, interacting and connecting with others.

5) Freelance or franchise?

Taking the plunge into a freelance career can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve always been managed.

For a full freelance career, you’ll be responsible for marketing yourself as well as enjoying the freedoms of your own job, something that can be difficult until you build up a reputation in your chosen industry. On the other hand, becoming a franchisee can give you a ready-made support network while you take your first steps into working freelance, while also giving you the flexibility and financial rewards of traditional freelancing.

6) Experience greater work satisfaction

Your freelance career is essentially your own business, with every success down to you and you alone.

This can make your job satisfaction much higher when you do well and give you the confidence to take on more work, helping you to grow in your new role. As well as optimism in their future earning potential, the FBTC accountancy services research found that 93 per cent of freelancers are ‘satisfied’ with their job, with 43 percent reporting a ‘very high level of satisfaction’, showing just how positive an effect a change in career can have for people’s confidence in their role.

Author: RED – a national driving school with an expert team of driving instructors who are committed to helping you not only pass your driving test but be a safe driver for life. They also offer a range of training options for those hoping to become driving instructors themselves.

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