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Top 6 Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace

A dog isn’t just for Christmas, it is for life…and in some cases the workplace too!

Introducing a furry friend to your office, not only add a bit of cuteness to your day, but believe it or not, it could also boost the productivity of your workforce!

Many of us could only dream of having a pet in the office to keep us company and lighten the mood when times get tough, but it’s not always feasible for a lot of workplaces. Obviously things like allergies and terms of rent have to be considered; however, if there’s no real reason holding you back, why not give it some thought?

There are a number of benefits of having an office pet and it could be just what you need to boost team morale!

Though I get that having a St Bernard in the office could cause some chaos (albeit amazing!), what’s to rule out something smaller?

Here are some of the top reasons why enlisting a four legged friend for the office could be the best decision you could make (any excuse for me to look at cute animals):

1) Reduce stress

How can you not feel at ease when looking into the cheerful eyes of a dog? It’s an instant mood booster and miraculously all the stress of work seems to dissipate as soon as a pet is around. They must have magic powers…or maybe they’re just too cute not to smile!

2) Brings the team together

An office dog can be an incredibly powerful bonding tool. In a lot of offices, people like to keep themselves to themselves; but how would this change if suddenly a pet was introduced to the workplace? My bet is that suddenly everyone would want to be where the dog is and well I never…they just so happen to be spending time with each other in the process! It will also become a shared interest among employees, creating a new point of conversation.

3) Encourages healthy living

If you have an office dog, it will require walking from time to time and your staff need exercise for the sake of their wellbeing just as much. By sharing the responsibility among the team, or creating a dog walking rota, it will encourage your employees to be active and get some fresh air. The reduced stress levels will also do everyone’s health a world of good!

4) Increased productivity

Taking short breaks away from your desk to spend time with the dog, or take it for a walk, could work wonders for your employees’ productivity. Research has found that giving yourself a bit of a breather allows you to give your mind a bit of a break and return to your work feeling refreshed and engaged.

5) Pets won’t have to be left alone

It doesn’t just benefit your employees of course, the dogs will thank you too! Dogs don’t like to be left on their own for too long and neither is it fair to do so. By allowing employees to bring their pet to the office it means that they don’t have to worry about leaving them at home all day long, or find someone to look after them. This may also encourage staff to work longer hours, as they won’t be rushing home to check on their animals.

A few things to consider:

  • Make sure that animals are allowed in the building.
  • Check that employees are not allergic to or scared of dogs.
  • Be sure the dog is trained and will behave.
  • Make sure the animal is contained and won’t escape!
  • Provide all the necessary food, drink, etc. for the dog.

[Top Image Credit: Pablo]