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The 6 Benefits of Hiring Graduates

Looking to expand your company, but not sure if hiring a graduate or a more experienced employee is the best route to take?

Whether you’re a small startup or a large global business, graduates can bring a lot of valuable qualities to a role. It’s understandable that you may be a little apprehensive about hiring somebody straight out of University, however all hires have an element of risk to them and there are a lot of advantages of hiring graduates, that greatly outweigh any downfalls.

If you’re weighing up your options, here are a few benefits of hiring graduates that may make your mind up:

1) They’re enthusiastic

Everyone is excited about starting their first job and will work their hardest in order to make a good impression! Graduates bring bounds of energy and enthusiasm to the workplace, that you may not get from an employee later in their career and are eager to get stuck in wherever they can. Studies have found that millennials have want to climb the career ladder much faster than previous generations and therefore they will be eager to please and contend with a bit of healthy competition in order to progress in their careers.

2) They provide a fresh perspective

Hiring employees of different generations will bring a variety of different attitudes and ways of thinking to the workplace. Younger staff will have different experiences of the world to their older colleagues and an awareness of current cultural trends. Therefore they will have the ability to look at things with a new outlook and contribute fresh ideas.

3) They’re flexible

If they are starting their first job, they probably don’t have any pre-formed work habits or practices, so they will be open to adapt to the working hours and culture at your company. Being new to the working world, they will also be keen to impress, so will be in a good position to fit in where you would like them to within the business. Younger employees are also less likely to have commitments such as a family outside of work, which could affect factors such as their working hours.

4) They’re a “blank canvas”

Graduates are like sponges who will absorb all of the new information that you feed them. As it is their first experience of the professional world, you are in a good position to train them and shape their role however you see fit within the business. They are essentially a blank canvas, open to learning new skills and gaining experience in different areas.

5) They’re tech savvy

As a generalisation, today’s graduates have grown up surrounded by technology and have developed the ability to pick up new tools and technology rapidly. This puts them in a good position to learn how to use any software of hardware required for the job quickly and they may even be able to assist other employees with technology too. They’re also likely to have a proficient understanding of social media, which can benefit a company from a branding and networking standpoint.

6) Reduced salary cost

One of the most appealing aspects of hiring a graduate is that due to their lack of experience, they are willing to work for a significantly lower salary than those who are further into their careers. The main focus of most businesses is to make a profit and therefore saving on yearly salaries can be financially beneficial to the company.

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