Talent Acquisition

Six Songs to Beat the Staffing Blues

Music is a universal language with the ability to alter moods, evoke emotions, and bring people together. The right song can also help us through the toughest of times. Yes, I am talking about the trials and tribulations that come with hiring, firing, and retaining talent!

Have you ever had your best employee resign, completely out of the blue? Ever had your next superstar-hire pull out at the last minute before joining? Ever had your time wasted by an indecisive candidate who strings you along then flicks you away? Ever been burned by one of your workers behaving badly under your representation? Been left high and dry with no budget to recruit? I could go on forever – the struggle is real.

We know that the recruitment process is an emotional roller coaster full of very high highs and extra-low lows. When the flurry of feelings become too hard to handle, we need to put the headphones in, close our eyes, and let the power of music take over. Here’s what you need to listen to when:

1. Your candidate delays their decision

Listen to: You Keep Me Hangin’ On by The Supremes

Being strung along is one of the most annoying experiences to go through. When you’re neither here nor there, the best place you can go is to your lounge room by yourself so you can blast The Supremes through surround sound. The refrain here (you just keep me hangin’ on) is so to-the-point it should be treated like a chant. Try singing along as loudly and as meaningfully as possible to get all of those frustrations off your chest. Just make sure no one is around and repeat this activity every day until your candidate makes their decision.

2. Your candidate rejects your offer

Listen to: Someone Like You – Adele

This is a bad situation, I’m so sorry to hear. Someone Like You really drives home the message that even though what you once had was perfect and full of promise, there will still be someone else. To reap the maximum benefit from this song, it’s probably best you take a solemn walk around town while you listen to it, to help you reminisce about what could have been and then clear your mind. Watch how Adele does it below:

3. A great employee leaves

Listen to: Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O’Connor

The clue is in the name here. They were the most capable and loyal employee you’ve ever had working for you. Sure, you wish them the absolute best in their future. You just wish that their future was with you. This tune is a good one to belt to. It would be best to listen to this one in the shower as the echoey acoustics will help take the edge off your high notes.

4. A not-so-great employee leaves

Listen to: Happy by Pharrell Williams

Happiness is a very strong, overwhelming emotion at times, just like sadness, so it’s important to have a song for this situation too. If their resignation speech is music to your ears, the best tune to listen to is, you guessed it, Pharrell’s ‘Happy’. This song would be best listened with earphones at your desk, so you can look around and imagine how great it’s going to be when they aren’t there anymore. Careful – as it is so upbeat and catchy, you’ll just need to be mindful not to clap along as your coworkers may cotton onto the fact that you are over the moon at the news, and we know how important it is to remain professional at all times.

5. An employee behaves badly

Listen to: I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift

You knew it, they were dodgy from day one. Nothing helps us vent frustration more than saying ‘I told you so’. While acknowledging to yourself that you were right from the very start won’t solve anything, it will help reinforce that you have killer instincts and teach you to trust your gut next time.

6. Your budget to hire is slashed

I Gotta Get Thru This – Daniel Bedingfield

I recommend the acoustic version as it’s a little more stripped back and showcases raw emotion. A bit of anger also seeps through in his tone here, which aligns itself nicely with how you’re probably feeling now you’re not getting that extra set of hands to help you out at work.

By Phoebe Spinks

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