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What is the Basic Social Media Strategy Recruiters Should Have?

It’s always good to have a strategy regardless of what it’s for. You’ve heard of the saying, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ And having one for your social media content is no different.

If you don’t use social media for recruitment already and have no idea where to start then this week our panel of experts give us what they think should be the basics. Have a read of the below and see what you think.

Ariel Jolo

Be yourself. Give people their space. Ask them if it’s ok to share opportunities.




Ariel Jolo,  Global Employer Brand Manager, at Medallia.

Adrian Cernat

What we advise all our clients is always be present and put your employer brand out there. Don’t just use social media when you can’t fill a job. Be constant, keep your talent pool close, raise their interest. This will ease your life a lot – people will start coming to you rather you running after them.


Adrian Daniel Cernat, CEO & co-founder SmartDreamers

Sarang Brahme

Leveraging social media not just as a megaphone but also as branding and engagement tool is key. Additionally, it’s important to be consistent and to be brand ambassador to build influence within target talent groups. Find digital places where candidates hang out and be part of them! Do not expect them to apply for your job postings.

Sarang Brahme, Global Social Recruiting & Talent Brand Manager, Capgemini.

Carmen Collins

1. Be social.

2. Be a storyteller.

3. Be human

Carmen Collins, Social Media & Talent Brand Lead, Cisco.

Cameron Brain

Be genuine.  Like anything in life, don’t approach it as a shortcut; you may get some quick wins from social, but real success and value is going to happen if you play the long game.  Focus on developing meaningful relationships, growing and engaging with your network, and providing real value to your connections. You do that and you’ll get the most out of social.

Cameron Brain, CEO & Co-Founder,

Mark Cavanagh

Research your audience, as basic as it sounds, a recruiter should do their utmost to understand their target market. By understanding the issues present in the working lives of potential candidates, recruiters can make accurate choices about the content or types of roles they deliver to their social media network. By also setting actionable goals for conversion with clear metrics, recruiters can also define what a successful social campaign looks like.

Mark Cavanagh, Marketing Manager at The One Group.

Victoria Sorensen

Social media is just a tool, your basic strategy should be to uncover where your target audience hang out and what makes them tick? Hunting for Accountants will require a different strategy to hiring chefs.



Victoria Sorenson , Senior Talent Advisor, Oracle.

Othamar Gama Filho

Do not be that person that spams everyone with generic messages, personalize your message, show you spent time researching that person.



Othamar Gama Filho, CEO at Talentify.

Stephanie Scher

Recruiters should have an understanding of the social media platforms most relevant to their target talent pools, follow their organization’s talent brand handles and the handles of their competitors to understand what candidates are consuming, and what the recruiting environment for the talent they seek is like.

Stephanie Scher, Talent Brand|Social Media, Vanguard.

Eva Baluchova

Get your name out there (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Glassdoor, Twitter). You have to build traffic – mark your content, optimise SEO, use popular words/phrases. Connect and engage with your audience with employee-generated content. Comment, ask, share, reshare, like. Try to build an engaged community. Use the right hashtags. Get your employees to share their work stories and get your colleagues and friends share your posts. Last but not least,- use job advertisements: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn. Remember: Make sure to drive your audience to your career site, not elsewhere! Your career sites/job description play an essential role in generating initial employer attractiveness. If they’re miswritten, that could trigger an emotional shutdown.

Eva Baluchova, Talent Lead, Levelup Ventures.

By Ushma Mistry

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