Talent Acquisition

Talent Attraction: How to Catch the Purple Squirrels

The purple squirrel – They’re hard to come by, but when you do you feel like you’ve struck gold! These rare, yet highly sought after candidates feel like an unattainable dream for many recruiters, however it is possible to catch them if you go about it the right way.

From knowing exactly what qualities and experience you are looking for, to creating an effective employer brand that demonstrates values that are important to your ideal candidate, you’ll be capturing the purple squirrels in no time!

Jibe have put together a handy guide about how to attract the top candidates on the market, looking at where to find them and how to win them over.

What is a purple squirrel?

  • They have the perfect experience for the role.
  • They have all of the ideal education and training.
  • You couldn’t ask for a better skillset.

Where can you find them?

  • Purple squirrels are passive candidates and are usually comfortable in their current position, however they can still be found and reached on the internet.
  • The top candidates are highly active online, so your recruiting strategy must keep this in mind.
  • You can reach these candidates through social networking, content marketing, job boards and email marketing, to name a few.

How can you attract the purple squirrels?

  • Recruiters need to think more like digital marketers –  marketing employer brand and roles.
  • You can draw attention to your job ads through on-site job search, job boards, content marketing, employer branding and more.
  • You can nurture and maintain the purple squirrels interest with email marketing, job alerts, talent networks and more.
  • You can encourage them to apply for roles by implementing a responsive web design, a mobile friendly application, social media integration and more.


[Image Credit: Mega Wallpapers HD]