Talent Acquisition

How to Attract Job Hoppers at Every Stage of Their Journey

Job hopping and changing is on the rise more than ever before! Recruiters need to be taking advantage of this opportunity, but there is also a lot of competition.

In order to attract this group of people we need to understand why they changed jobs and how they did it. This way you will better understand the way candidates think and act within a job.

This infographic by LinkedIn Talent Solutions analyses some job changers to provide us with some important questions:


  • The top reason why people change jobs is a career opportunity.
  • They leave because of lack of advancement opportunities.
  • They join for career path and new opportunities.
  • A struggle is not knowing what it is really like to work somewhere.


  • Invest in the most common way that people find their jobs: Referrals.
  • Stand out from others with standard employer value proposition.


  • In order to recruit job changers, you need to be fast.
  • 44% took less than one month from first discovering the job to accepting the offer.


  • Once they have landed, don’t let them leave.
  • 42% who left could have been convinced to stay.


  • 75% use LinkedIn for job search.
  • Attract candidates by impressing them with your recruiter brand and talent brand.
  • Tailor your message to their career goals.
  • Empower employees by improving their skills.

How to Attract Job Changers at Every Stage of the Journey from LinkedIn Talent Solutions